Dancing Sword ~Senkou~

Dancing Swords
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Dancing Sword ~Senkou~

ンシングソード 〜閃光〜 || MTO 2003
Original Post Date: October 15, 2019

Dancing Sword is a weapon-based beat ’em up that offers the player a choice between five unique battle waifus, to guide through five relatively lengthy stages, set in a demon-inhabited fantasy world.

Each character shares basic mechanics – you have a slash and a kick button, plus the ability to block by holding the L trigger. By double-tapping forward you’ll dash, at which point you can perform a dashing strike, or jump using the kick button. While it might feel akin to a traditional beat ’em up at first, it’ll quickly become apparent that it’s anything but standard.

What sets Dancing Sword apart from any other game of its kind is its combo system. Now, it is possible to string attacks together simply by mashing the buttons, a la any other beat ’em up.

But in doing so, you are merely scratching the surface of your favorite waifu’s capabilities – each is equipped with three elemental spell combos, corresponding to ice, fire, and lightning.

These are activated via their own specific button sequences, demanding timing so precise, it’ll seem downright unforgiving to any player accustomed to the simplicity of the average beat ’em up.

And they aren’t thrown in for mere eye candy, either – performing these sequences with frame-perfect rhythm is essential to passing even the first level, where your heroine will come across a lava pit that can only be crossed via usage of the ice spell.

Even outside of these simple puzzle segments, you’ll find that spell usage is the only efficient way of applying damage to foes, rendering your normal moveset practically useless.

In a way, Dancing Sword falls victim to its own originality. Love it or hate it, it is an avant-garde blend of styles that goes above and beyond in setting itself apart as a one-of-a-kind entry in the often formulaic beat ’em up genre.

However, with the astronomical level of mastery that Dancing Sword requires for one to reap even the slightest hint of enjoyment out of it, most players will be turned off long before they warm up to its novelty.

Recommended for the truly dedicated, but those seeking a mindless waifu beat ’em up should look elsewhere.

Rating: 7/10

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